Thursday, 16 February 2017

Blockchain - The question is not, why, it is, why not...

Funny enough I was recently engaged in some discussions about where
standardisation is going. As someone claimed, a group of distinguished
people sitting around a u-form shaped table arrangement in a meeting
room discussing a paper document is one way of setting standards - it's
the standard way, if you like. But it is more and more becoming *just*
one way.

There are other ways, more agile ways of driving
technologies and setting standards - and of making interoperability
real. Plug fests and hackathons are prime examples. Get together, do
some coding, learn about how to use and combine technologies - great
ways to promote market adoption and achieve technology innovation on the
basis of commonly agreed methods. Call this standards or not - it's
successful, it's agile, it's innovative.

Worth watching this summary video of the recent Dutch Blockchain Hackathon. Great spirit, you can feel the innovation. Standardisers will have to think about the way technology is brought forward.


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