Tuesday, 7 February 2017

EU Commission Workshop on Cloud Standards and Open Source

Mid January I had the pleasure to chair a workshop which the Commission had asked OpenForum Europe to co-organise. The topic was Cloud standards and open source. This workshop was part of the action plan following the EC Communication on ICT Standardisation Priorities where a better collaboration between standardisation and open source on Cloud technologies is a key action.

The workshop report as well as all other information on the workshop are now available on the Commission website. It was a great honour to chair this event and thus contribute to a very good and intense exchange on the topic. I believe that the workshop could clarify that there are multiple ways of both co-existence and co-operation between standardisation and open source. There is probably no such thing like a golden path for successful collaboration, yet there are a number of good ways of interaction, of making use of open source in standardisation and of implementing standards in open source. All of this driving innovation, openness and market adoption.

The workshop also identified some concrete proposals for possible next steps in facilitating the interaction of standardisation and open source and in promoting both from a Commission level in general.

All in all I very much enjoyed the event. Thanks again to all participants for their excellent and high quality contributions and their focussed work on that day. Thanks to the colleagues from OFE for their perfect organisation. And thanks to the Commission for hosting this event.

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