Thursday, 20 October 2011

German BITKOM Forum on Standardisation and the New Legilative Framework

Today I participated in the BITKOM Forum on standardisation, technical regulation and market access. I was on the agenda in the first slot on the EU legal package on standardisation. The first speaker was Mme Anne Lehouck from the European Commission who gave an overview on the legal package with a focus on the ICT standardisation reform part in it. As second speaker I outlined the ICT industry position on the legal package and the needs we seen that make the proposed changes so utterly necessary.

The workshop reconfirmed that industry strongly supports the changes for ICT that are proposed in the legal package.

BITKOM will also publish the presentations shorts. If you like a preview view my slide deck on slide share:

Breakfast Briefing in European Parliament: Global ICT Standards for Innovation and Growth in Europe

Yesterday I participated in a breakfast briefing in the European Parliament on "Global ICT Standards for Innovation and Growth in Europe" focussing on the EU legal package on standardisation. Many thanks again to Malcolm Harbour, Chair of the EP's IMCO Committee, for being a perfect host for this event that was organised by OpenForum Europe. (You can watch some pictures of the event on the OFE website.)

The purpose of this briefing was to provide a broad range of opinions on the legal package on standardisation. We were five speakers, Sebastiano Toffaletti (NORMAPME and PIN-SME), Luis Jorge Romero (ETSI), Elisabeth Stampfl-Blaha (Austrian Standards Insitute), Carol Cosgrove-Sacks (OASIS) and myself (OpenFourm Europe). With this group we covered quite a range of perspectives. The good news: all speakers conceded that the ICT parts of the legal package and the proposed draft Regulation are good and deserve full support by Parliament and Council in the legal process.

I posted the draft for my speech on slide share - happy to receive comments.

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