Monday, 4 January 2016

New EU Rolling Plan for ICT Standardisation published

First of all Happy New Year everyone and to you and yours a healthy, peaceful and prosperous 2016.

Just with the beginning of the new year The European Commission published the new EU Rolling Plan for ICT standardisation. It is available from the Commission website.

This is the third version of the Rolling Plan which gets updated on an annual basis. It is developed in a collaborative process with initial input being provided by the Commission and comprehensive advice coming from all stakeholders in standardisation via the EU Multi-Stakeholder Platform. A process that has become well established by now.

The new version 2016 of the Rolling Plan contains a number of new actions for standardisation where ICT standards are seen to be of high relevance for supporting the implementation of EU policy objectives. It is now up to standards bodies and all stakeholders in general to take up action in response to the Rolling plan and lead technology development providing support to policy makers.