Thursday, 17 July 2008

Do you like poetry .... my latest poem - a trial in English

On my way home today, on the train, I wrote the poem below. I pretty much like it and decided to post it here. It's a trial in English. Hope you like it as well.

after the accident

when I started walking again

after the accident

I decided to walk sideways

this pop song of the eighties

walk like an egyptian

found it stupid then

before the accident

but it was wise

I know that now

it was wise

egyptians are africans too

once very powerful

a great people, a wise people

I wonder whether their culture declined

because they stopped walking sideways?

Looking forward and backward

without having to turn round

they came from the back

they say they were three or four

no chance to see them

from the back

better be wise

better walk like an egyptian

learn from looking back

see by looking forward

what about the wound, you ask me

I feel it. I constantly feel it

no matter whether I look forward

or backward


I want to teach my children

I need to teach my children

convince them, persuade them at least

but they won't listen

won't believe me

they were three or four they say

did not carry their clubs for doing sports

no, never did sports, never

why did they have clubs

if they didn't do sports?


children won't listen

won't accept my knowledge

they are good children

but they don't know their father anymore

three or four

never saw my face

never saw my eyes

never saw my smile

never heard my voice

what about the wounds, you ask?

they say it was enough that I had

black curly hair

and dark skin

from the back

on my way home from work

used to work hard, work a lot

clean roads and parks

nice for people, for children

no dirt or rubbish

clean as in hospital

they say I was two months

some days more

after the accident

better be wise

after the accident

better walk like an egyptian

tried to teach new man

who cleans parks and roads

didn't want to listen

didn't know me

better be wise, man

I learned

I learn by looking back

I see by looking forward

better be wise

after the accident.

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