Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Special event: Eintracht Frankfurt against Real Madrid

Tonight is a special football night: my favourite club Eintracht Frankfurt plays against Real Madrid, the great royal club. It's a match in all friendship in preparation of the next round of national league starting this coming weekend in Frankfurt.

I am currently watching the match on TV. Would have loved to go there tonight but it was sold out for weeks. In other words: I was too late. Frankfurt currently leads 1 to 0. But anyway, it's nice match and the result doesn't matter at all.

I have supported Eintracht Frankfurt since I was a young boy. And I've been fascinated of Real Madrid since I was a boy, since the days of G√ľnther Netzer and Paul Breitner with Real. I was also always very fond of Real's coach of today, Bernd Schuster. He was an excellent player in the early and mid 80s, first for Cologne, later on in Spain for Barcelona, Real and Atletico Madrid. So, let's enjoy the second half... Eintraaaaaaaaacht !!

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