Monday, 7 September 2009

Dilbert on standards

Being back from vacation - Yes, thanks, I had a great time. We spent two weeks at the Mediterranean coast in the South of France. Fantastic!! Wonderful landscape, wonderful sea, great food, great people - all you need for a relaxing time. And of course time was flying....

So again, being back from vacation I found, in my in-box, several mails from colleagues pointing me at the recent Dilbert cartoons on standardisation. Please take a look how Dilbert sees the world of standards ... and, as always, there is more than a glimpse of truth in Dilbert:

- cartoon of Aug 31
- cartoon of Sep 1
- cartoon of Sep 2

Have fun ...

PS: I hope you all had a great summer, too, with nice and inspiring vacations.

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Golf Reviews said...

haha, these are hilarious. The first one is exactly how I felt when my company sent me to Shell rock Iowa for a retreat. They don't even have an airport there, the closest one is forty-five minutes. And really-- that is just ridiculous. We were allowed to eat though..