Monday, 12 October 2009

Thought leadership from OpenForum Europe: Seven key elements for the reform of the European Standardisation System

OpenForum Europe published today a strategic discussion paper listing "Seven Key Elements for a Modernised European Standardisation System". This is in the context of work of the European Commission on reforming the European standardisation system and the EU ICT standards policy.

As I mentioned in my last blog post, this week, on world standards day, there will be an open conference on the reform of the European standardisation system taking into account the work of the EXPRESS panel.

Secondly, in early summer this year, the Commission had published a white paper on the modernisation of the ICT standardisation policy for Europe (see also my blog entry from early July).

The discussion paper from OpenForum Europe provides some breakthrough and pragmatic thinking on required reform steps. The "seven key elements" include aspects like
  • positioning Europe in a globalised world;
  • making effective use of open standards developed by global open standards organisations and fora;
  • identifying additional roles for the National Standards Organisations in Europe;
  • promoting innovation and growth with open standars;
  • looking at the societal dimension of standardisation;
  • striving for more open and transparent processes in standards development and consensus building.
Read the full article on the OFE website or download the strategic discussion paper directly from there.

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