Monday, 15 February 2010

Europe 2020 - the new EU strategy takes shape

With the new European Commission being finally confirmed by the European Parliament last week (see also my blog post of last week) full dedication can be given to the new EU strategy "Europe 2020" succeeding the previous programme i2010.

As President Barroso outlines on the Commission's EU 2020 website this strategy shall be instrumental for the transformation of Europe "into a new sustainable social market economy, a smarter, greener economy where our prosperity will result from innovation and from using resources better, and where knowledge will be the key input."

There is a very good presentation from Commission provided as "Background Information for the Informal European Council, 11 February 2010". It outlines all the key challenges for this new decade, be it the aging population, climate change, education, etc. And so it defines the spectrum of the programme for the Europe 2020 work. Worth a look at...

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