Sunday, 6 November 2011

Interviews on the EU legal package on standardisation

When speaking at the conference on standardisation and innovation, the SIIT, in Berlin the other day a number of speakers were interviewed including myself (see also my blog post on the SIIT). We were asked to give our opinions on the legal package and on the ICT part in particular.

BITKOM now posted all interviews on their Youtube channel. My responses can be seen in the two videos below. Beware, it's in German....

Statement on the legal package in general:

Statement on the ICT part of the legal package:

It is worth watching also the other interviews starring Renate Weissenhorn, Head of Unit Standardisation in the European Commission, Dirk Weiler, Chairman of the ETSI General Assembly, Friedrich Smaxwil, CEN President, Bernhard Thies, Chairman (CEO) of the German Electrotechnical Committee DKE.


gregnazvanov said...

thanks for sharing, great stuff

Jochen Friedrich said...

Hi gregnazvanov, Thanks a lot for your positive feedback. Glad you find it helpful.