Tuesday, 11 September 2012

EU Regulation on Standardisation approved by European Parliament

Just a short notice... A couple of minutes ago the European Parliament approved the new EU Regulation on Standardisation. The Rapporteur, Lara Comi, shared via Twitter that the outstanding support of 639 votes out of 676. This is an excellent result. Especially for the ICT sector the outcome is very important because it will allow global ICT specifications, global Open Standards in the field of ICT, to be directly referenced in public procurement in Europe.

Congratulations to Lara Comi and the European Parliament on this result. The Parliament did further improve the document and the outcome will be a very good new framework for standardisation and the development and use of standards in Europe. 

UPDATE of Sep 11, 16:00h:

Press release of the European Parliament available on News website of the EP 

Public reaction from stakeholders - OpenForum Europe press release.


Jeremias Soler said...

Alles, was eine Verbesserung der IKT-Entwicklung bedeutet, ist eine Freude. Ich bin zuversichtlich, dass Europa durch Technologie, zu helfen, fördern die Kommunikation und die Freiheit ihres Volkes.

Jan Verhulst said...

IBM lobbying managed to get FRAND approved in EU law.

You are now in the same box as BSA and Microsoft on this.

Thanks for the poison.

Jochen Friedrich said...

Your comment is not true and I don't think the style you apply is appropriate. I like an open debate but people should refrain from spreading false statements and denouncing people or companies. If you like a serious discussion I am happy to have it.
Just one comment: FRAND is the overall principle and a minimal requirement. The Regulation explicitly states that this may include Royalty-free - so Open Standards are well included in the scope.
Thanks for being less agitating in the future.