Friday, 7 November 2008

Heading home from Standards Edge with many good new ideas

I am currently on my way back home from Brussels where I was a speaker at the Standards Edge conference organised by the Bolin Group. It was an extremely good conference. A great programme, excellent speakers and a very high profile audience of about 60 to 70 people.

The topic was "The power of procurement" and much focussed on standards-based procurement of the public sector. Sort of the recurring theme was Open Standards and interoperability are essential for the public sector and that legislation should be adapted in a way to allow more effective standards-based procurement. The conference was live-blogged on where a replay is also available. All the presentations will shortly be available via the conference website.

All in all, there were some very good contributions at the conference and I am happy to take a good many ideas along. Needless to say that such occasions are also always very helpful for meeting people and jointly develop new ideas and do some wild duck thinking.

So at the moment I am on the train crossing Belgium. It is wonderful weather outside. Beautiful autumn sun as we are going past the Ardenne mountains. Some very beautiful places amids colourful trees, small mountains and green hills. Really very nice.

For sure I am looking forward to being back home tonight. If I'm lucky making all my train connections I shall be in time for picking up my son from football training - which he will like a lot. And, of course, on Sunday my son and I will once again cross our fingers for Eintracht Frankfurt who are playing against Stuttgart. That will certainly be fun.

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