Wednesday, 29 October 2008


I did not post a new blog entry for quite a while. Main reason is that I was attending a conference last week and had some further meetings that kept me quite busy.

The conference was the annual European meeting of the Open Application Group (OAGi) - usually held in autumn. It was hosted by SAP in Walldorf (so just around the corner for me, which was nice since no big travelling was required) and I had the pleasure to represent IBM in the meeting. It was a very good meeting with very interesting topics covered - please see the agenda. The presentations will be avaiable shortly - please check the OAGi homepage. I gave a short update on the IBM standards policy which was perceived with great interest and which triggered some good discussion at the closing panel session on the second day.

This week I am enjoying a week of vacation. It is school holidays in the part of Germany where I live - Baden Wuerttemberg. So I decided to take a couple of days off and enjoy with the children. Unfortunately someone imported some ugly bug into our house and all of us are heavily sneezing and coughing with a strong cold. Tendency upwards, though.

So it's definitely autumn now. The leaves are falling, it has been raining a lot since beginning of the week and they say that it might even come to some very cold nights with frost - and with snow down to about 500m. That would mean that we might see the first snow in the hills around Heidelberg. But by the next weekend it's supposed to getting warmer again.

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