Sunday, 21 December 2008

Minature world

This year is the second time that we put up the model railway. It is not big - well, big enough for being part of our living room for some weeks, but not a professional model railway landscape. Most of the equipment, the trains, wagons, houses, are still from me when I was a child. And it is plain and easy to package up again some time in the new year.

My kids love it. Especially my son is enthusiastic. He took some pictures with our camera the other day - some of them pretty good. You will see - this miniature world has got its charm. Who would not like to walk around there, bord a train and go down to the lake; visit the church, buy a newspaper at the newspaper stand and enjoy the peaceful life. But beware: there is a police, a fire station, and once in a while the peaceful changes - with accidents, fires and thefts it gets very much like the real one ;-)

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