Monday, 15 December 2008

Relevant links of today - studies on open source and eGovernment

Spanish report: saving on software licences is one of the main advantages
Saving of software licenses is one of the main advantages of the use of open source, concludes Cenatic, Spain's resource centre on open source, after studying sixteen implementations of such software by Spanish public administrations. [...]

The administrations see three more main advantages. Using open source makes the public administrations independent of providers and gives them the possibility to create a community around a project. This is noted in half of all the case studies. Using open source moreover allows the public organisations to adapt applications to specific requirements. This is a determining factor for 60 percent of the public administrations, Cenatic concludes. [...]


European Commission Report on eGovernment and eParticipation

The EU is investing heavily in e-government to help boost growth while delivering on the benefits of the information society, including greater cross-border collaboration, less fragmented research effort, and access to ICT anywhere, any time and by any one. [...]
E-government promises, and can deliver, better services at lower costs – something citizens are
increasingly expecting. As such, it was considered an important addition to the i2010 Action Plan. [...]

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