Monday, 22 March 2010

Eintracht beats Bayern

When your team wins against Bayern it is always worth mentioning. To begin with, I am not one of those notorious "haters" of Bayern. They are a great and astonishing team and, let's be honest, the only German team that is really capable of coping with the great teams in Europe. But they just don't need to win all the time...

So last Saturday they came to Frankfurt - the only true team in Germany !! - after being unbeaten for 19 matches. And they led until close to the end when Frankfurt managed to beat Bayern with two wonderful goals 2:1.

For Frankfurt it should be a very motivating win after loosing three matches in a row. Let's see. But winning against Bayern is worth a blog post. See also the article in the FAZ online about Eintracht's match-winners.

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