Sunday, 5 October 2008

Loyalty and sports

You probably know the situation: There is on the one hand the football/soccer team you supported since childhood; and perhaps - as it often happens - this is the team in the region where you grew up. And there is on the other hand the local team in the region where you live now. Which one do you support?

I might be old fashioned but I have always shown loyalty to "my" old team. Those who follow my blog know that it's Eintracht Frankfurt. Now, in the region where I live nowadays, there is also Hoffenheim. It's the team heavily sponsored by the former SAP boss Hopp which helped the village team to buy good players and make it into the first division.

Yesterday it was Hoffenheim against Frankfurt. Frankfurt have had a terrible start into the new round and have not yet one a single match. They also lost against Hoffenheim - 1:2. But no, no, no - I won't switch loyalties. No! In fact, I completely lack any passion for Hoffenheim. It's Frankfurt - and I really hope that they will manage to turn around and play better football/soccer than what they got going so far.

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