Sunday, 19 October 2008

Tough days for Eintracht Frankfurt

Eintracht Frankfurt lost again. Only 3 points so far in the new tournament. This is very disappointing after last year where they were fairly good and on the way up. And its getting frightening. As the fan-choirs in the stadium already sing the coach, Friedhelm Funkel, ought to be fired, every fan is beginning to wonder whether Funkel still has got the proper recipes and the trust of the team to turn it round.

Funkel is experienced and it was him who put the team together. There might be tensions, for sure, at the current situation. But Funkel should be experienced enough to manage the situation. And many other coaches "on the market" are not really better.

Anyway, I don't expect that Funkel will fired within the next two or three days. That's not the style of the current team management. Frankfurt will have the next chance to turn things round middle of the week in a match agains Karlsruhe (which had to be cancelled a couple of weeks ago because the stadium in Frankfurt was destroyed after a Madonna concert). If Frankfurt win against Karlsruhe and make some points next weekend against Cotbus thinks could be looking better. I won't give up hope...

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