Friday, 5 June 2009

Relevant link of today: Article in the Economist on Openness and Open Source

I owe this pointer to a colleague I regularly collaborate with - many thanks to C.!

In this weeks Economist - as well as in the online edition - there is a very interesting and great article on benefits of open source software in the recession. It it titled "Born free" and shows how open source is increasingly being taken up in the market and plays an important role alongside proprietary offerings. It also shows how those companies are most successful which manage to create a proper, new balance between openness and proprietary.

The article concludes with the following statement:

"This sort of problem has spawned an open-data movement. In March a group of technology firms led by IBM published an “Open Cloud Manifesto” that has since received the support of more than 150 companies and organisations. It is only a beginning, but perhaps this time around the industry will not have to go through a long proprietary period before rediscovering the virtues of openness."
Bottom line: it's definitely worth reading the full article - either in your print edition of the Economist or online at ...ENJOY

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