Thursday, 18 June 2009

Ralf Dahrendorf died

I recently added a blog entry about Ralf Dahrendorf when he celebrated his 80th birthday. Today the news communicate that Ralf Dahrendorf died yesterday - see for instance the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) and Spiegel online. This is very sad news. I - we all will miss a great thinker, intellectual and liberal, a great European citizen. For me, Ralf Dahrendorf was a fixed part in my political socialisation. I hold him and his work in high regard.


crm training said...

Overall a well written obituary with one important exception: The red army with lots of savages among their ranks definitely could not liberate Germany, as claimed.
How can an army and a regime which initially co-operated with Hitler ( the Rippendrop/Molotov Treaty, leading to the Polish campaign with the resulting declarations of war of Britain and France against Germany, but strangely enough spared the Sowjet Union), later when occupying parts of defeated Germany killed, tortured, violated and ejected millions from their homeland. The communists stole, ransacked and later dismembered the hapless country. Ask the Germans whether they felt csa certification
liberated by the Russians. You will get a resounding -NO!
Given these facts, how can a British paper then claim such nonsense? Strange? Not so, after all bomber Harris got his monument in London.

Sylvia said...

It is a sad day to hear that he has passed. He was a great person, a real thinker, and such an inspiration to all that knew him.

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