Friday, 5 June 2009

Old poem of mine

It's more than 15 years ago since I wrote this poem. I publish it now for the first time here. The basic message is still valid, I believe.


nachdem ich nun

schon mehrere jahre lang

immer und immer wieder


nach gott gesucht hatte

fand ich ihn kürzlich

rein zufällig

wie könnte es anders sein

um die mittagszeit

in der innenstadt

in einem kaufhaus

in der parfümerieabteilung.

er roch

nach Chanel No 5.

Sorry for those who are not familiar with German – this short poem is about a person who had been looking for God for years and accidentally found him in a shopping centre smelling of Chanel No 5.

There is another strange one which I once posted on this blog - in English this time. See the entry of last July.

1 comment:

Arnaud Le Hors said...

I wish I understood German, your teaser is intriguing.
I really like "After the accident". Good job! :-)